Compassion, support, and solutions for parents of addicted adult children

Restore your peace of mind, gain freedom, heal your family

Parents usually do everything they can in order to solve their children’s addiction.

However, what usually happens is that they end up feeling emotionally drained, anxious, angry, or confused.

The focus on their adult children often results in negative effects on their own well being and on relationships with others.

The symptoms of addiction can be heart-wrenching for a parent to deal with. Addiction is so misunderstood and stigmatized that it can be difficult to talk to anyone about it without feeling distress. Even well meaning professionals can give advice that often does more harm than good.

Fortunately, there is a way to find freedom and inner peace again.

I’m Victoria, and I help parents of addicted adult children find peace of mind and serenity, while taking action that is helpful for their children as well.

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It’s important to know that things CAN get better! 

It is possible to achieve freedom from the effects of your child’s addiction.

It is possible to get back to living a positive and fulfilling life.

It is even possible to be the loving and compassionate parent you want to be, while stepping away from the chaos of addiction.

I work with parents by applying and teaching them evidence-based practices

for overcoming the issues associated with this problem. 

 I work with clients online via video or by phone. Please call or email me to get more information.

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